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Harcourts Agent Sells Her Own Property Via Auction

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Harcourts USA agent, Maria Curry, trusts the non-distressed auction platform so much, she sold her own property last Wednesday night at the record-breaking live auction event.

This marked the 4th property that Curry has sold through the Harcourts Auctions process, but this property was quite literally, close to home.

“Our intentions were always to put it up for auction,” Curry explained. “With my experience in selling a previous three properties for clients via auction before, I’ve always been impressed with the method.”

The decision to put the property up for sale was not an easy one, according to Curry, because of its sentimental value with her family. Being  a family-owned property located in Carlsbad, Curry knew deciding to sell, prepping, and staging the property would be difficult. However, the Harcourts Live Auction event was the perfect way of selling because of the streamlined and transparent process.

“The process is clean, direct, and exactly what we were wanting for the sale of our house,” Curry says.

The non-distressed auction struck up interest and curiosity amongst everyone viewing the house.  Curry mentioned throughout the open houses, they witnessed an atmosphere where neighbors, agents, and potential buyers were intrigued with the innovative process of selling property through auction.

Despite having prior experience with Harcourts auctions, as auction day was approaching, Curry admittedly did not know what to expect having never experienced the seat of a seller in the auction environment. As auction night arrived, Curry and her family patiently awaited for the long-time family-owned property to be sold.

“The environment had an electric and exciting feel,” Curry said.  “It was challenging to wear both hats of the agent and seller, but at the end of the day I went back to the advice I give all my sellers.  We knew we had good offers on the table prior to auction and that the night was going to be competitive.”


Curry’s trust in the auction process was evident when she denied the chance to sell the property the week before the scheduled auction date.  After listening to advice from the Harcourts Auction Team and waiting the extra week, Curry was able to net an extra $40K on her property, through the competitive bidding on auction day.

Director of San Diego Auctions, Amy Gardiner says,

“We felt confident that through the process of filtering through all the buyers, we would be able to bring Maria the best result on auction day. Maria felt very assured that she was able to accept a clean contract, free of contingencies.”

Gardiner was extremely helpful in her efforts to improve the overall experience of selling this property, according to Curry. She was able to implement a sense of trust and integrity throughout the night and helped streamline the entire process of selling Currys’ property.

Director of Auctions, Ben Brady, discusses his thoughts on auctioning one of Harcourts’ own agent’s properties,

“Maria is actually one of several agents within our company who has decided to utilize the Harcourts Auctions process to sell property. Our agents are seeing the tremendous results being achieved for clients and naturally going home and recommending the process to friends, family and spouses! There is no better recommendation than our own agents using our services to achieve a premium for their properties.”

Selling a property is an elaborate and strenuous process, so finding comfort and developing confidence is extremely difficult to do. There is something to be said about the transparency in knowing exactly what the seller is doing with their property and the buyer knowing exactly what they are getting.

Seeing a company utilize and find success in their own process is an encouraging sign because it shows they have legitimate trust and faith in their own product. 

“I would totally sell through auction again, and I’m happy to use myself as an example to give my buyers and sellers an honest opinion of what to expect,” Curry says.

“I’m in amazement of the professionalism, expertise, and understanding that Harcourts and the auction team bring to the process.  You can tell they are vested in your interest and are there to help you 100% of the way.”



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