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Harcourts USA Live Auction Event Coming Up Wednesday November 8th

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Harcourts is holding their next Live Auction event on Wednesday November 8th, at The Crossings in Carlsbad.  There are more than 10 properties expected to be auctioned and numerous buyers registered to bid. 

“We are excited about our auction coming up based on the momentum we’ve been gaining,” says Director of Auctions, Ben Brady. 

“People are getting comfortable bidding at auction and using our transparent environment, which allows them to feel confident in their real estate purchase.”

This event allows buyers and sellers to take full advantage of a different point of purchase, and utilize the transparent sales method that comes with auction.  It provides the best environment for interested agents to learn about Harcourts Auctions and how the process is run. 

Throughout the night, each property will be introduced individually, and every registered buyer will have a chance to actively bid on an available property of choice. 

Director of San Diego Auctions, Amy Gardiner states,

“Our auction events are about putting a spotlight on each of our auction properties.”  

Since this is a public event, buyers, sellers, agents, and anyone with curiosity is welcome on the night.  It is important to note, not all properties will proceed the same.  Some have been sold prior to auction, some will progress with competitive live bidding, and others are put on hold due to pre-auction negotiations which may be occurring.

Commencing each property, Auctioneer Ben Brady will open proceedings and request a bid from the registered bidders. As like any auction, this process will continue until there is no further bidding. Once the final price has been determined, he will consult with the seller, and if there are no better offers and the seller agrees to sell at the current price, the property is sold “under the hammer.”

A remarkable component of the Harcourts Auctions, is the fact that most properties often sell prior to auction.  With a total clearance of 90.8% in auction properties selling, 51.9% of these properties are sold before the auction set date.  With that, 98% of auction properties receive offers before auction day as well. 


The properties up for auction vary immensely in value; they range from around a half million to the multi-million-dollar price range. 

More specifically, Gardiner points out,

“We have a great entry-level property suitable for a family home located in San Marcos, and we have a high-end property located in Coronado.  All of our properties are spread amongst a vast range of price points.”

To see a complete list of the properties at this auction, visit

Something to be aware of, buyers do not need to be in attendance to place their bid. As long as they are registered in advance, buyers can place their offers as “call-in bidders” over the phone and compete for any property available.

To become a registered bidder, visit , view the properties, and find the registration tab located at the bottom. 

“We are conducting consistent events every month in our San Diego region. We will gradually continue to offer more events, and expand to our other regions as well,” Brady explains.

For all interested in attending November’s event, it will be held on Wednesday November 8th, at The Crossings in San Diego.



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