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Harcourts USA “Kick Starts” 2018, 24 Hours at a Time

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The Harcourts Academy holds an event every January titled, “Kickstart” which sets the scene and foundation for the year ahead, as it is centered around developing a strong business plan for the new year.  At this year’s event, a focus was also placed on mindset and work-life balance. Attendees had the opportunity to dive into their business plan in a group setting to make sure they put a solid plan in place to help them succeed fiscally and personally.


“We take the collective knowledge of the room full of our top agents in the organization, and assess that information to build their business plans,” explains Regional Director of Harcourts Pacific, Rob Forde.

All owners and agents are welcomed to evaluate past performances, and brainstorm future successful plans. They perform business planning activities with the guidance of corporate leadership, and leave the course with answers and momentum to utilize in their offices.

“Every agent should ‘kickstart’ their year by completing the Harcourts one-page yearly plan, and this class is the way to do it,” states Harcourts Signature Properties Owner, Greg Babakhanian.

The yearly plan makes it clear for the offices to envision their short term and long-term goals. With a structure ready to tackle potential challenges, Harcourts is setting themselves up to have their best year yet in real estate.

To finish their Kickstart event strong, Harcourts welcomed a guest speaker from 24-Hour Fitness to discuss health, wellness and the benefit of a healthy work-life balance. Harcourts partnered with 24-Hour Fitness looking to implement a corporate wellness initiative for the new year. 24-Hour Fitness offers the team knowledge on fitness as well as discounted membership rates.2-120312000005.jpg

Navin Sakhakorn, 24-Hour Fitness Trainer states, “We are excited to share our fitness knowledge and provide Harcourts with better work stamina, and an easy opportunity to increase their daily health.”

Employees with more energy can reap the benefits of lower stress levels, and health longevity. Harcourts’ leadership is taking it upon themselves to give their employees a built-in support system when it comes to their active lives outside of the workplace.

Rob Forde mentions, “Working out tends to leave us with a clearer mindset, and I look forward for all our team members having this opportunity to join 24-Hour Fitness at an affordable rate.”


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About Harcourts USA:

With over 840 offices in 10 countries, Harcourts International is one of the fastest growing real estate groups in the world.

Harcourts offers a full range of real estate services, specializing in residential, commercial and rural property sales as well as property management services. Harcourts works closely with affiliate, Luxury Property Selection to offer clients a comprehensive real estate solution.

In 2008, Harcourts launched its charitable arm, the Harcourts Foundation to provide support that helps, grows and enriches our communities. In 2013, Harcourts celebrated its 125 year anniversary.


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