Oct 24, 2017 9:27:38 AM

Harcourts USA Holds Record-High Live Auction Event in Carlsbad

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Last Wednesday night marked a record-breaking evening for Harcourts USA and its monthly live auction events. In terms of live bidders, properties sold and number of attendees, it was Harcourts’ biggest event to date in the United States.

Harcourts introduced their non-distressed auction process in the fall of 2014 and has since been redefining what it means to buy and sell real estate.

Property auctions in the U.S. have historically been associated with foreclosures, but Harcourts has been changing this perception and they are seeing unprecedented results.  At a 93% success rate in auction closings, it’s safe to say they are doing it right.  The auction platform is giving Harcourts and its clients the innovative edge, in a sometimes complacent industry.

Director of Harcourts Auctions, Ben Brady, discusses this new innovative thinking that has transformed the market.

“The strong foundation of our live events is the ability to see in real-time the competition on each property. The Harcourts Auctions process allows buyers and sellers to make an accurate assessment of the market place while providing them with a comfortable and transparent environment. We truly are rethinking the traditional way to do real estate and our clients are loving it,” Brady said.

Events like these provide agents alternative methods to offer clients and give sellers real-time true value of their property. It also allows buyers to stay informed and aware of competing offers, a concept traditionally done behind closed doors.

With excitement and interest surrounding the event, eight properties were sold throughout the night. Each property sold exceeded sellers’ expectations, with some even selling prior to auction.

There were over 15 registered bidders who actively and successfully bid on properties of their interest.  The success of the night is largely attributed to the hard work of the Harcourts Real Estate agents of Southern California and the San Diego Regional Auctions Director, Amy Gardiner.

Regional Director of Harcourts, Rob Forde stated, “We have agents that are dedicated and working hard to create an excellent experience for buyers and sellers, which is setting the benchmark for real estate in the US. That is, of course with auction.”


The diversity in the range of properties sold “under the hammer” was evident throughout the night.  It provided a great transparent experience for everyone involved including the buyers, sellers, agents and viewers.  Specifically, one property sold in La Jolla for $3.2 million, another in Murrieta for $300,000, and another in Carlsbad for $870,000.

Registered bidders who attend these events are not restricted to a specific price range; instead, they are given the opportunity to bid on a wide variety of property styles in various locations.

“The success seen by those auction properties is only the beginning of where the auction process is going to go at Harcourts. As we continue to grow not only throughout California, but also throughout the country, we look forward to introducing as many people as possible to the Harcourts Auctions Process,” Forde said.

Harcourts’ next live auction will be held in Carlsbad at The Crossings, on Wednesday, November 8th, with more than ten properties expected to be auctioned.



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