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Harcourts USA Appears on Television Show - The American Dream

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After only six years in the United States, the Australasian-based company Harcourts USA, appeared on their first television show, The American Dream with Craig Sewing. Regional Director, Rob Forde and Director of Harcourts Auctions, Ben Brady shared the Harcourts philosophy behind non-distressed real estate auctions and explained how they are growing this exciting new method of sale in the United States. 

Harcourts USA is currently the only franchise real estate company in the United States that offers a non-distressed auctions platform. While it may be new to the United States, Harcourts has been conducting auctions in Australia and New Zealand since 1888. Since bringing it to the United States nearly five years ago, they have had a 93% success rate in closings. 

Director of Harcourts Auctions Ben Brady on the auction method, 

“The Auction platform allows us to do our due diligence up front such as home inspection, disclosures, and everything that happens during escrow.  This allows buyers to make their purchase decision decisively and comfortably knowing exactly what the product is before they make that important real estate decision. This is a level of transparency auction offers the market, that traditional real estate does not.” 

According to show host Craig Sewing, The American Dream’s purpose is to empower, educate, and engage their viewers on their American dream through a positive platform, with an aim to tackle controversial issues in an optimistic way. 

Auction in the United States is traditionally associated with foreclosures and bank-owned property. The show provided an excellent platform for Harcourts to educate viewers on the idea of using auction for everyday and luxury homes. 

Harcourts USA’s Regional Director Rob Forde describes his experience on The American Dream, 

“It was great to have the opportunity to speak on The American Dream about what Harcourts is up to in the USA. We have known for some time that our non-distressed auction platform makes sense, and we now have over 600 agents and counting in Southern California. That number is growing daily due to our obsession with making the buying and selling process better.” 

Harcourts has 40 offices within California, Oregon, Nevada, and Hawaii, and are continuing to grow as a direct result of Harcourts’ auction success. 

Rob Forde continues, 

“The sale of someone's home is a big deal. I know we are changing the way real estate is sold in the USA and we will continue to forge ahead down this path with the aim of creating the finest experience in real estate.” 

The segment aired on September 26, 2017, and can be viewed on YouTube: https://youtu.be/qUJuyL1cQ-4                                            (Harcourts USA segment begins 22:19 - 27:37) 

To learn more about Harcourts USA, visit http://harcourtsusa.com                                                                                                                                   Or Harcourts USA auctions, visit http://www.harcourtsauctions.us  



About Harcourts USA: 

With over 840 offices in 10 countries, Harcourts International is one of the fastest growing real estate groups in the world. 

Harcourts offers a full range of real estate services, specializing in residential, commercial and rural property sales as well as property management services. Harcourts works closely with affiliate, Luxury Property Selection to offer clients a comprehensive real estate solution. 

In 2008, Harcourts launched its charitable arm, the Harcourts Foundation to provide support that helps, grows and enriches our communities. In 2013, Harcourts celebrated its 125 year anniversary. 

Please direct all media inquiries to Emilee Koerner, PR Coordinator at Harcourts USA: Emilee.koerner@harcourts.net

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