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Nov 22, 2017 1:13:26 PM

Harcourts USA Wraps Up Their 2017 Annual Business Leaders Conference

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Harcourts USA conducted their fifth annual North American Business Leaders Conference last week in Carlsbad, California.

This two-day event cultivated an atmosphere of positive energy and motivation for all Harcourts North American office owners and managers. This year, the conference welcomed leaders from California, Nevada, Hawaii, Oregon, and Canada, as well as leaders from Harcourts Group, internationally.

Several speakers, including Harcourts International Managing Director, Mike Green, and Harcourts Director of Professional Development, Irene Green, led leadership oriented sessions. They offered expert advice, having had experience in office management roles before, and provided a purposeful message that inspired everyone to make a positive change in their position, including the implementation of minimum standards and recruitment efforts.

Mike Green’s session in particular, focused on team culture. He gave examples of office culture experiments that he found had worked for his own business, as well as some that did not. He proved that growth within a company will be stronger if leaders cultivate a culture that nourishes and sustains everyone.

“This is a wonderful commitment to the future of our leaders,” states Green.

“The environment they are in for these two days will give them a foundation for the next two months and beyond.”

best.jpgThe Conference also had a session run by Harcourts Pacific Regional Director, Rob Forde, and Harcourts Northwest Regional Director, Rick Deluca, where they compared financial reports in a session called, Interfirms.

Rick Deluca comments, “This portion of our Conference is one of the things that makes this entire two-day event worthwhile. Each office submits their information, and a book is prepared for each participant to see how their office measures up to others.”

Harcourts Prime Properties Owner, Kevin Sanchez, ran an informative session discussing recruitment tips. He mentioned personal experiences and explained hurdles he encountered as well as how he combatted them.

“Listening to Kevin talk about the challenges he has faced as a big office, and how they are not different from our small office, gives us an understanding that we can learn from each other’s experiences and grow together,” comments Cord Bailey, Manager at Harcourts Point Loma Realty.

Even Aaron West, a guest speaker from outside of the Harcourts group, spoke impressive words on the Conference,

“It has been an incredible experience listening to the Harcourts leaders discuss having their clients and co-workers’ best interests at heart.”

Harcourts Pacific Regional Director, Rob Forde, shares his excitement on the Conference.

“I’m thrilled we’ve had these few days to dive into creating a great culture for our offices, and it is something all of our Harcourts business leaders should be very proud of.”

All attendees gain valuable knowledge to bring back to their offices. The two days are widely informative and genuinely enjoyed. Harcourts Newport Properties Owner, Ernie Caponera states,

“It has been a rewarding couple of days and I truly feel I’m coming out of this conference a better manager and a better leader.”

The North American Business Leaders Conference is held annually and aims to bring leadership knowledge and expertise to the entire Harcourts team. The Conference provides advice, inspiration, and encouragement to everyone that attends and continues to be a major learning tool for the Owners and Managers across the group.



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