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Harcourts USA “Super Agent,” Bob Wolff, Continues to Represent Harcourts at N.A.R. and Show Incredible Success

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Often referred to as a “Super Agent” and “Top Producer,” Bob Wolff of Harcourts Prime Properties has set high standards for the real estate industry.

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“I’ve never met anyone with the generosity and dedication to the business as I have with Bob. He is an icon in the real estate industry world-wide,” says Regional Director of Harcourts USA, Rob Forde.

Wolff joined Harcourts in 2012, but earned his titles after 36 years of mastering his craft and building a record of over $1 Billion closed in residential sales transactions.

“A lot of people ask why I made the move after 22 years with a company, to a company who joined the US only 5 years prior,” says Wolff.

“With Harcourts founded on four core values that everyone, including leadership, stands by, it was an easy decision to join the Harcourts team and has been a pleasure working with them since the day I started.”

Potentially one of Wolff’s greatest attributes, is his ability to share insights into his professional passion through speaking at nationally attended real estate events. The National Association of Realtors (N.A.R.), welcomed Wolff back as a keynote speaker for the 23rd year in a row. His session was titled, “Becoming a Residential Superstar in 24 Months or Less,” where he provided strategies to develop mindsets for success. It is not uncommon here for Wolff to receive standing ovations from close to 2,000 audience members.

Wolff claims, “I believe the reason I return to speak each year, is because I bring a uniqueness to convention attendees. I can relate to everyone, being that I’m a full-time practitioner myself in the real estate industry.”

With his presence at N.A.R. he provides Harcourts with national exposure. Not only does he supply valued information to all the attendees, but he represents something bigger than himself.

Director of Harcourts International, Mike Green, comments,

“We are lucky to have Bob as a part of Harcourts. The crowd is always impressed to hear what he has to say, and it is a credit to him and all he has accomplished.”

According to Wolff, he has great admiration towards the administration he works for, and their steadfastness toward the company goals. He claims having management who is helpful and supportive has made a big difference in his career.

“I can get up every morning and know that everyone is on the same page.”

Wolff’s words are not just heard in the US, but he has also been a big, consistent attraction at Australasian national conferences and internal Harcourts functions around the world.

Forde adds, “The fact that we have Bob wearing the Harcourts tie says a huge amount, and we can’t thank him enough for all that he gives back to the organization.”

Aside from speaking, Wolff has accumulated countless awards, including the “FCBR’s Realtor® of the Year” honor.

When asked about his proudest accolade, he responded with his induction into the Harcourts Hall of Fame,

“In 2016, being a recipient of the Harcourts Hall of Fame Award is definitely a moment I’m extremely proud of.”

This award had only been given to 22 people previously by the Harcourts organization.

There is no doubt Bob Wolff’s experience in the industry has touched numerous people and will continue to do so. Through his appearances at N.A.R. and his genuine customer service, Bob Wolff paves a respectable path for many to follow.



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