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Harcourts Pacific Celebrates a Record Setting Quarter

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Harcourts Pacific celebrated their record-setting third quarter through their Quarterly Awards Ceremony in Carlsbad, California on November 16th, 2017.

The Harcourts Pacific Quarterly Awards brings together agents, owners, managers, and business partners from California, Hawaii, and Nevada, to network and celebrate the success of the team. The evening consists of a guest speaker training, networking cocktail hour, and plated dinner with awards ceremony.

Last Thursday in particular, numerous records were broken. For the first time, over 220 team members were in attendance.  Awards for earnings exceeded those of the previous Quarterly Awards, as Harcourts Pacific had a record-breaking quarter between the months of July and September.

Awards were given out for top-performing offices, agents, auction agents, and more.

A standout office from the evening was Harcourts Advantage, located in Carlsbad, California. They took home a Platinum level award for the first time since their office opened just one year ago, for earnings exceeding $1,000,000 in gross commission income.

Holding the 10th position in the region for total sales as an agent, Owner Chrissie Carr comments on the success, and how Harcourts Auctions has played a pivotal role in the office’s ability to reach the Platinum level,

“Harcourts Auctions made a huge difference in our office volume. It really brought the tipping edge to the quarter. Everybody on our team has the opportunity to excel with the Auction platform as they’ve all become Auction accredited.”

Eileen Schwartz of Harcourts Advantage, was awarded the Top Auction Agent award for gross commission income. Chrissie adds,

“Eileen has only been aboard a few months, and to see her win the Top Auction Agent Award shows how powerful Auctions are.”

The energy in the room was powerful and exciting, as the agents cheered on their fellow team members. The most exciting time of the night was the lead up to the Top 20 Sales Consultants, who were awarded for their gross commission earnings.

Holding a consistent number one position is Steve O’Brien, of Harcourts NV1 in Nevada. Steve, who is no stranger to the Top 20, is followed by consistently top producing Harcourts Prime Properties agents, Chad Widtfedlt and Justin Green of Monarch Beach, and Westley Williams of Newport Beach, earning the number two and three positions, respectively.

One factor that brings about appreciation from everyone on the team is the presence of Mike Green, Managing Director for Harcourts International, and Irene Green, Head of Professional Development for Harcourts International. The couple attends nearly every quarter, flying in from New Zealand in support of the team here in the USA. Mike Green makes it a point to hand out the awards to each of the Top 20 performers.

“We don’t take the success of our people lightly,” says Rob Forde, Regional Director for Harcourts Pacific.

“The culture of an organization is lead from the top. It means a huge amount to our agents having Mike Green present awards for our Top 20 every quarter. We are an organization that truly cares about the success of our people,” he adds.

Thursday concluded the last awards ceremony for 2017, with the next awards event falling in March 2018. The first quarter of the year will be summed up at the two-day North American National Conference in Coronado, California, and will include the Northwest region and Canadian team as well, making for an even larger event.

When asking Carr her opinion on Harcourts awards functions overall, she responded,

“Harcourts gives us the tools to be successful and to be top earners, but to be with a company that acknowledges and celebrates our successes every quarter, there is no other company out there like it.”



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