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Preparing Your Home for Sale this Winter

Jan 10, 2018 7:29:17 AM

You may have heard it can be a more difficult time to sell during winter months, and while this can sometimes be true with fewer house-hunters out and about at open houses, there are also several advantages to selling this time of year.

1. Make the most of the season

Winter can be a wonderful time to showcase some of the best features in your home. If you’re lucky enough to have fireplaces, outdoor fire pits, or centralized heating make sure these features are on full display during open homes.

2. Protect your home from the elements

If your open house is scheduled during a rainy day, make sure people have a place to wipe their feet before entering your home, and have somewhere to stow umbrellas and wet coats so that muddy footprints and drips are kept out of your property.

3. Create a cozy space

There are lots of personal touches which can be added to an open house during the winter months that will bring a real sense of warmth and coziness to your property.

Baking warms the kitchen area up, and fills the home with an inviting scent. Or ask your agent if they can supply mugs of hot chocolate to visitors as they make their way through the home, making them feel at home.

4. De-clutter and keep tidy

De-cluttering is an important step to take no matter when you list your home, but especially in winter when some of our outdoor furniture may find itself in storage, or the home is looking a little more untidy than usual before the spring clean has started.

5. Make sure your home is clear and airy

If your property has been shut up during the day to fend off the cold, remember to open windows and let in the fresh air before a showing to ensure the property doesn’t smell stale or musty.

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